As part of my quest to read 30 memoirs by women, here are 8 I’ve read by brilliant Black voices.

Michelle Obama — Becoming

Overview: Michelle Obama reminded me what I love about memoirs, that someone I thought was one of the greatest smartest women in this world (still do), is also so human, humble, and flawed like the rest of us. …

Originals, Flow, The Power of Habits, and much more

I’m Sara, and I’m a self-help, self-improvement enthusiast. I know and live the power of self-awareness, building your strengths, and improving your weaknesses. Here are 10 books that changed my perspective, sense of self, and improved my life in some way —

P.S. The first 9 of 10 authors here…

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… And it’s a really easy mistake to make. Because our CRMs aren’t perfect.

Beware of accidentally double, triple, quadruple enrolling contacts in multiple workflows.

It’s a quick way to create an awkward embarrassing moment for your brand and ruin the customer journey experience.

How does it happen and how do we prevent it?

Managing Duplicate Contacts

I was astounded by…

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